Halloween Handout Quizzes

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If you’re running a pub, you know that it’s a busy time of year – so although it’s nice to be running a quiz, then it would be good if no quizmaster was required.

If you have a hotel or guest house, you need something at Halloween time to keep guests entertained but might not want to run a traditional quiz night

At home, you need a quiz for after Halloween dinner or to keep the family amused while it’s cooking
In the office you want a Halloween quiz to print off so individuals or groups can join in without too much disruption.

If any of the above is you this Halloween then you need one or more of our Halloween Handout Quizzes – ideal to print and handout for completion, collection and marking or for use a pub quiz table rounds.

Each Halloween Handout Quiz costs £3 and is Instant Download


Halloween List Quiz 


Halloween Handout Quiz


Halloween Puzzle Quiz


Halloween Wordsearch

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